First autumn session.

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Today I went down to the beach to catch up with my mate Mario Rodwald for a first autumn session. It got quite breezy after a while and I switched from the kite to the camera. The light was perfect and Mario was on fire on his own kiteboard brand KOLD shapes

KOLD shapes!

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After years of just riding a surfboard for kitesurfing I got a  new twintip in my hands. My friend Mario Rodwald just launched his own kiteboard brand KOLD shapes. For me it’s the perfect board, because I suffered with some knee issues in the past and most of the boards I tried where too stiff and   after a while in bumpy waters I felt a little pain. But with my newContinue reading

Kitesurf French Polynesia.

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So far I have not been very lucky with kitesurf sessions and wind in French Polynesia. But the last days I finally got some wind & waves in for my toys. I really enjoyed the OZONE Reo 9m and my 5’11 Firewire surfboard they are just a sweet combo. And I must say a special thank you to OZONE for building such a durable kite, bar & lines. Together we won the battleContinue reading

Bora Bora & Huahine.

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The last days in French Polynesia I spent in Bora Bora and Huahine. Bora Bora is not really my cup of tea, but it looks mindblowing from the airplane, though. And I guess all the high class hotels & resorts are really nice for a couple of days of your honeymoon, but how it works out for the locals is just not my taste. The gap between the honeymoon tourists andContinue reading

A dream comes true.

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  Friday, 24th of April, the big trip will go on his way and we are going to leave Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and head out into the Caribbean see towards Panama. From there we will go thru the Panama canal and follow our path to the Galapagos Island, where we will stop for three days to fill up with fuel & food. From Galapagos we will sail into the SouthContinue reading

Greece for the very first time.

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after years of listening how nice greece is, I finally managed to go there. and I must say it was defn. a good decision. we had almost every day wind, nice small waves for some kicker action or wave riding. this place is worth to come back some day.