Atlantic corona crossing 2020

17th of April 2020, we are departing Antigua to cross the Atlantic. Covid-19 was spread all over the world. To be safe we self isolated our self for 14 days before we left Antigua.

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Destination: UK, Ireland, Spain, France ? We did not know that at the time of departure. All we knew was that we will stop in Horta, Azores to refuel and decide where we are going next. It took us 10 days to Horta, 6 of them where still really nice and warm, not much wind though. Close to the Azores the sea became a life and we saw some dolphins, a wale, a turtle and loads of the Portuguese man of war. They look so beautiful in calm waters, but you better stay away from them.

In Horta we were allowed to enter the harbour to drop anchor. The next day we could go to the outer breakwater wall to meet with a fuel truck and a pizza delivery service, so that night we had a refueled yacht, pizzas and cold beer.

The forecast looked alright so we decided to leave the next morning to go to Falmouth in Cornwall, UK.
The further North we’ve sailed the colder it got and the last day was a bit of a shocker. The morning started with a nice sunrise, followed by fog at the corner of Brest, France were we entered the English channel and finished the trip of with 35kn against the tide including steep short waves. Not very pleasent, so everyone was happy when we were tied to the dock. Another 3500nm ticked off.

Another great trip with an amazing team.