New Zealand Surf trip.

Holliday time = surfing time. I had some weeks off and did a little roady on NZ’s North Island. Piha, Ahipara and Raglan where on the menue.

First stop was a little place called Piha, it’s just 40 minutes out of Auckland on the westcoast. Good surfing beach with lefts and rights which can get quiet big with lots of current. The surf was good but the lodge where fully booked so I had to move anyway after one day.


Piha, Westcoast North Island

The next stop on the list was the famous spot of Ahipara, which is known out of the classic surf movie “The Endless Summer” from 1964. Ahipara is a 4-5 hrs drive up north from Auckland and the surf spot is a classic left point break which runs forever on the right swell. Don’t expect too much, it’s a tiny little village with a very small shop, you really don’t go there for the shopping, though.  And have a guess where I’ve stayed, right at the Endless Summer Lodge.


Endless Summer Lodge Ahipara

But Ahipara is not only famous for it’s surf, it’s also the beginning of the 90 mile beach. A beach as far you can see, which runs all the way to the northern tip of New Zealand which is called Cape Reinga.

After a five days up there in the north it was time to see something new. And what else apart of New Zealands surf capital could it be?

RightRaglan there we go.


Raglan on a good day.

And what should I say, Raglan is defn. a place I felt in love with. The people, the surf, the food, the music. There is a reason why you are only allowed to stay 7 nights at the Raglan backpackerotherwise people would stay forever. For me it was clear I stay the 7 nights and after that I moved to another place called the Solscape, which is a little outside town but closer to the surf breaks. But let me quote from the Solscape website to explain this place: “Solscape is designed as a place for rest, rejuvenation and playful inspiration, to nurture our connection with each other and the natural world.”

Check out their website for more infos and their view from the Cafe is stunning.


View from Solscape Cafe.