Bora Bora & Huahine.


The last days in French Polynesia I spent in Bora Bora and Huahine. Bora Bora is not really my cup of tea, but it looks mindblowing from the airplane, though. And I guess all the high class hotels & resorts are really nice for a couple of days of your honeymoon, but how it works out for the locals is just not my taste. The gap between the honeymoon tourists and the poor locals is just to big.

Huahine on the other hand is amazing. The island is the 2nd one going east towards Tahiti from Bora Bora. Not much tourism at all, stunning landscape and super friendly locals. I rounded the island by scooter and did some bicycling as well. You are safe and you can leave your bike unlocked outside any stores. The kids have fun without iPhones, iPads, Computers etc. They just enjoy their paradise by doing stuff outside, like bride jumping.


They do have two kitesurf spots and surfspots. But the kitesurfing is only for really advanced kiter who know how to launch and land by yourself. It is tricky and a little dangerous, but after that you have the spot by your self or to share with Chasta (Guillaume Chastagnol) & his wife Titaua.



In the south you will finde another spot, where the launch is easier but the channel where you kite is very dangerous because of the currents. And you might see one or two   kitesurfer down there as well. So if you can count, you got only four kitesurfer on the island.



In the end I would say that Teahupoo and Huahine are my favorite places on this trip to French Polynesia.

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